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foryourbody: Helping You Have Better Health
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Gold Ambassador ( Qualified Distributor )  I am helping people have more money

or better health or build a business which I am doing  earning  bonuses & profit,

taking  no medicine as I am  Christian President Of Gold Ambassador For HIM  ! 

New car and all expense paid travel I can help you earn as well as I have

earned these also ! 


Since 1986 I have been helping people through Shaklee Corporation products

and Income Opportunity and I can help you  after you first become customer

or Member or Preferred Member or Distributor or Qualified Distributor of

foryourbody.myshaklee.com Website is mine and  Qualified Distributor I am -

eligible to help you and  people  internationally and  I earn  money  monthly

working flexible hours not having to leave home as  also 

all expense paid travel and new car earned were paid for  by

Shaklee Corporation founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee who put

his first product on the market in 1915 and founded the corporation to

help people stay well ! 


In  2012  I became a Gold Ambassador to  help people in 8 countries

earn more money.  Before becoming a Gold Ambassador I was a

Beauty Salon Owner / Hairdresser for at least 30 years.

A customer of mine introduced me to her Shaklee Distributor.

I started using the products and eventually learned of opportunity

to have new car having a Shaklee business  and earning a new car

I also eventually learned I could earn all expense paid travel !

The Beauty Shop  first was  Mrs.  Edna  Irene  Henderson Webb' s ,

my Mother.  Family members,  my Pastor,  those of my team,

customers,  Shaklee Corporation owner and staff  and others

in my life help me  or have helped me  ! Concerning my wanting

a Shaklee business : my Pastor spoke a Bible verse in my

hearing and the hearing of another church member !


$614,200.00 (at least) yearly I hope to help you earn as you are

Distributor or Qualified Distributor of

foryourbody.myshaklee.com  $614,200.00 yearly earned can be

seen on an e-mail attachment I can e-mail you !


My e-mail address is flwebb212@gmail.com and you can have

more money or healthier body or new car or earn

all expense paid travel or  build a business soon :

first being customer or Member or Preferred Member

or Distributor or Qualified Distributor of