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foryourbody: Helping You Have Better Health
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Gold Ambassador (Qualified Distributor)  I am - positioned to help people financially.

More money you can  earn by the end of this month as you are a  customer of mine

or on my team ( as I have been helping  people since 1986 ) as a  member or

Distributor  or Qualified Distributor of foryourbody.myshaklee.com

The website is mine as I am  positioned (as Gold Ambassador) to help people

globally  also as in the Bible for a Christian to do is:  " increase more and more;

And... do your own business " . A business you can have first going to my website

then for next  step click: JOIN AS A DISTRIBUTOR    


I earn money monthly working flexible hours not having to leave home

as I know also about earning all expense paid travel and new car

with Shaklee Corporation paying the note as well as for travel .


In 2012 I became a Gold Ambassador to  help people in 8 countries

earn more money. Before becoming a Gold Ambassador I was a

Beauty Salon Owner / Hairdresser for at least 30 years.

A customer of mine introduced me to her Shaklee Distributor

and I first became a Shaklee business owner wanting to earn

a new car (as I already had a car). My Pastor, family members,

customers, Shaklee Corporation owner and staff  and others

in my life help me and/or have helped me and

through  Shaklee products being shared I have a husband to be.


$650,919.00  (at least) yearly I hope to help you earn as you are

foryourbody.myshaklee.com Distributor or Qualified Distributor

(which I am having ordered a business kit) .


My e-mail address is flwebb212@gmail.com and $320.00 bonus

{ (at least) toward more monthly } plus profit you can earn

by the end of this month as you are  Distributor or

Qualified Distributor of  foryourbody.myshaklee.com